Our Brand Lever ModelĀ® is designed to achieve brand success through three cornerstones:
The brand strategy forms the basis, which is to differentiate itself as a “peak strategy” from those of the market competition. The brand experience is developed as a “peak experience” for the design of the strategy. This is about the perceptible top qualities of our brand, which can be experienced from the internal processes to the communication to the outside. On these two cornerstones the performance of the brand culminates in the “peak performance”, which can be implemented, monitored and optimized up to appropriate sales and lead management measures.


The brand strategy is a fundamental prerequisite for brand success, especially in the context of increasing digitalization. Firstly, it is about the business model behind the brand and the associated identity and vision that should make it extraordinary. This is followed by those success factors which are subject to the business model and the objectives pursued. In the next step, we develop the core of our brand and the positioning to be achieved with it.
Finally, from the supply and the interplay of its elements, we derive requirements for the brand architecture. At this point, a link with the organization can be established and requirements derived from it.


From the branding experience as a goal, the necessary work processes are first derived. In the context of the processes, the requirements can be defined for behavior – “behavioral branding”. It is only on this basis that guidelines for the appearance and communication of the brand are developed. In the case of existing brands, the afore mentioned points are developed in the sense of a market revolution. In the brand experience, there is also the interface to corporate culture and possible requirements to develop them further from the brand.


The brand performance affects all measures implemented across all channels, which are intended to drive the brand Funnel in the sense of a communication, lead and sales management. In addition to the implementation of an appropriate content marketing process, the issue of the relevance of the content is of particular interest. Combining the brand with the appropriate content to achieve measurable results is a very essential, strategic and creative process that ultimately makes the difference to players with average brand performance. The development of a marketing target system, which can subsequently be used for brand control and ongoing optimization, is the last building block in the basic creation of a top performance of the brand.

In the endpoint of the performance, the connection to the business model manifests itself, which must form a coherent unit with the desired peak performance.